I wrote about facial differences a little while ago. Then I found Penny Loker's story.

It's fascinating. And in the last few days her story has gone from the realm of the personal to... CNN's website.

Reaction has been, Penny told me tonight, "overwhelming... life-affirming, crazy (in a good way), amazing and beautiful. I'm not sure I have enough adjectives there!" 

Penny grew up in Waterloo, Ont., in a lively and loving family. She works for Rogers Communications in customer service.

"I am different," she explains here.

And CNN tells her story here.

"My hope," she wrote during our email exchange tonight, "is that [this story] does impact people in a positive way so that teachers can share it with their classrooms, that parents can share it with their kids. My hope is that if even one kid who feels utterly alone, feels so lost and depressed, reads it and it will give them that connection. I have no illusions that it will instantly make kids who read it stop bullying... [or help a despondent young person] because these are only words from some stranger they don't know, but if one kid does, if one kid just stops and reflects on everything, then that will have been worth it.

"I will gladly accept coming to any school where bullying is a big problem and speak open and honestly and with my trademark sarcasm to let them know that life does suck sometimes, that they have every right to be angry and sad, mad and happy, but it's HOW they act that matters."