Literary restaurants

Did you enjoy Twitter's #literaryrestaurants this past weekend? People I follow did. Stephen Elliott, a San Francisco author and activist, (presumably a fan of Jonathan Lethem's novel Motherless Brooklyn), started it off on Saturday when he tweeted:

"I'm gonna start a literary bake shop called Lethem Eat Cake."

And then: "Ok, I guess this has to happen: Lethem Eat Cake. #literaryrestaurants." And, later, "I started a meme! #literaryrestaurants"

When a good hashtag flurries itself into a blizzard, you get to play smartypants. Some tweeters painted a little world of references: 

"Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposal Public House and Pie Shoppe," and others dug up instant earworms -- "The Girl with the Dragon Fondueand "As I Lay Dining"  

Or they fretted a bit -- "There's [a Dave] Eggers restaurant out there, but I haven't come up with it yet" and "'Braise New World' (wait, I'm still getting the hang of this.)"

I liked the punch of "Porterhouse 5" and "Jane Pear." And this is darned inspired: "Pho Whom the Bell Tolls."

But I'm not sure what I missed here: "Wuthering Crabcakes #literaryrestaurants." Perhaps I should check Epicurious?

So fun to watch the hashtag leap over genres, borders, language barriers. Hey, Kansas City, Western Australia and Bogata! (Really: "La niña del jugo de borojó. #LiteraryRestaurants")

And to discover the Liverpudlian who is waaay too good at this, viz. "A Tale Of Two Chippies" + 60 (!) more title puns. Looks like he spent Friday plugging away at #BeatlesBond ("Do You Want To Know A Secret Service.")

Sweetly, a lady in Houston tweeted, "OMG #literaryrestaurants made a bad day into a good day. THANK YOU."

Mine? A good day, too. Started out local with "Life of Pie," faltered a bit with "Julius Cheeser." But I'm really proud of...